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Woo hoo!

2008-05-26 06:35:15 by Silverwingteam

Alfie: "So, thanks to Luke and his Alt (Who I call Mr. Salt) This account was created! Already we have all the images, a blog-post, and a flash! We do do affilations but the small clean one and the big affiliate icons are members only.


Luke: "I am paying for the site, i make the lfash, i design we all work together and i have put in the most money investment effort and time towards the project and we are steadly growing and need more members for the staff team (SEE BELOW) and i wish you all a good day.

Staff Positions Avaliable (Incredibly Eays To Get At The Moment):

Admin: Has Complete Control Over Everything (Acces TO Every Hidden Board)

Global Moderator:Has Moderation Power Over Completely Everything (Acces To All Inivisble Boards Apart From Admin)

Moderator: Has Complete Moderation Over Specific Boards (Able To See All Invisible Boards Apart From Global Mod And Admin)

How To Apply:

1.Sign Up To Our Website

2.E-Mail luke.kaspersky.expert@googlemail.com And In The CC Field (Carbon Copy) Put: a.stewartritchie.1994@googlemail.com


1. What Position You ARE APPLYING FOR

2. Why You Want That Position

3. How You Could Benefit Us In That Position

4. What Major Improovements Could You Make In That Position

5. Tell Us A Little About Yourself What You Do Your Hobbies And General Info About You

6.(OPTIONAL):First Name (Just Helps Out So We Can Address You By Your Name)

Woo hoo!


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2008-05-26 10:22:40


(Updated ) Silverwingteam responds:

Nice Comment, Comment Banned ;)


2008-05-26 16:17:06

I might apply. Maybe global moderator, but i don't k now what to say!
Also if theres pay i dont give a crap. Lol, im young - don't need pay, just need something to do ;)

Silverwingteam responds:

There Is No Pay :) We All Need Somethign To Do Thats Why We Do And To Apply Just Follow What I Stated Dont Worry If You Cant Think Of Anything To Say, We Will Accept Pretty Much Everyone Because Currently Only Steelknuckles And Alfie (Admins) + Phil (Normal Moderator) Are The Staff Members So Jut Send It In And We Will Decide But Is Probably A Yes (Currently No Global Mods).


2008-05-27 03:01:34

Ok, i'll send you an email today :)

(Updated ) Silverwingteam responds:

Thanks buddy but i haven't recieved it yet.

Now I Have Got It ;)


2008-05-27 07:53:29

Could you please add to mine that the Cleaner Affiliate Icon, and the larger one, are Member's Only.

(Updated ) Silverwingteam responds: